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Vitality Assessment

Doing a Vitality Fitness Assessment gives you an understanding of how fit you are, and will give you tips on how to improve it.

The Vitality Fitness Assessment is made up of two parts – the first part measures your cardio-vascular fitness and the second measures your strength and flexibility. It has been designed to give you an accurate and personalised understanding of your fitness. After the Vitality Fitness Assessment, your biokineticist will show you what you need to focus on in order to get fitter and stronger.

You can earn 2500 Vitality points and up to an additional 5000 Vitality points depending on your fitness level. The points you earn from your Vitality Fitness Assessment contribute towards your yearly cap of 30 000 fitness points.

***Please not that if you are taking any form of medication for high blood pressure, you will have to perform the test on a watt bike. Unfortunately, we cannot offer this service as of yet***

RATES 2020

The cost of a vitality fitness assessment is R445.50