A Healthy Body = A Healthy Mind

Monthly Challenges


Each month we invite you to challenge yourself. There is no better reward than the reward of self gain and improvement in your health.

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February 2020

My body is my valentine...

  • February Challenge 2019
  • valentines image

How the challenge works?

  • Each week the sets prescribed in the picture above, should be done on at least 3-5 days in that week.
  • If we use week 1 as the example: in one day you should run for a minute and walk for 90 seconds, and it should be repeated 8 times. This should take about 20 minutes.

MARCH 2020

This March we want to challenge you to plank it out. 

Although many of us find planking boring - the benefits are unbelievable - from increasing core strength to reducing lower back pain and improving posture, this is definitely a challenge you want to give a try. 

You've got one of 3 options, either you do the standard plank challenge(Left hand column), the side plank challenge(right hand column) or if you're brave enough - give them both a go!

Don't forget to make sure that you keep those bums up and core as tight as possible. 

Tag us on instagram @rmbd.sandton with videos and pictures of you doing your challenge. 



With all of us being on lock down for a majority of this month, Aprils challenge is going to focus on your lower body, upper body and core to help you stay active during these tough times. 

The program is pretty straight forward , squats everyday, push ups (ladies are more than welcome to do push ups on their knees) and leg lifts (laying on your back, hands behind your head holding it slightly off the ground, whilst keeping your legs straight lift them up and down).  

Good luck and don't forget to tag us on instgram @rmbd.sandton